Creative Trendy Industrial Bathroom Ideas

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Industrial Bathroom Vanity Lighting

Soft and harsh, industrial style has become the most popular design trends for interiors including bathroom. Industrial bathroom is currently both soft and harsh look in its style. Aesthetic and clean decor, industrial style bathroom gives little different ideas. However, the look is outstanding with melded themes, great accents, plus accessories mixed with a bag of ideas. The results are unique decorating styles where vanities, sinks, mirrors, faucets, cabinets, lights and shelving units take place.

Features that stand out, to make an extra eye-catching bends that create a pattern means a lot in industrial style. Piping is one of the characteristics. You can have them on walls and floor. Frameless mirror that looks plain add more accents especially ones with industrial hanger in style. Both walls can have at least two plain mirrors especially if your bathroom is narrow-spaced to create wider impression.

Industrial style track light fixtures can be installed and unique varying levels of lighting by using network of pipes is amazing. To complete lighting ideas, a swing arm wall lamp over vanity and Edison bulbs will make a great accessory statement while illuminating the space.

Harsh raw walls are probably very favored by most of industrial-style-lovers like raw floorboards. Why not try something else like cobalt blue tile? This is wonderful for the scheme. You can also apply this with concrete walls, perforated panels and exposed pipes.

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Industrial bathroom by adding representative signage has always been a quirky interest. Just by follow the upcycling trend to create a bespoke accent is great.

Industrial style features for bathroom such as metal framing, open shelving, furniture framing industrially and more are applicable. You can be creative and trendy to make your own industrial bathroom.

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