6 Best Kitchen Countertops Most Durable Material Options

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Quartz Countertops Vs Granite

There are most durable material options for the best kitchen countertops to pick one suits you at best. Getting to know about pros and cons leads to the best choice. It can be tricky but choosing the right material for your kitchen countertops is a big idea.

Quartz is man-made that has become most favorable option when it comes to durability. Unique quartz stone is crushed that contains mixture of resin for real granite look colors but tougher at the same time. Good things about it are strength, resistance to stain and bacteria and there is no need of sealing. Bad things about it are expensive, prone to heat and discoloration after long term. If you have a traditional kitchen, then this material will go with the style.

Granite has an eye-popping beauty and versatility to meet any kitchen style ideas. Luxurious and strong, yet granite needs sealing regularly to keep it non-porous.

Recycled glass is unique with stunning appearance and friendly to the environment. Although non-porous, you have to wipe acidic spills right away. Beside of that, you can have quartz-like quality of best kitchen countertops.

Laminate contains several layers of Kraft paper and available in a lot of colors and patterns for the infinite kitchen countertop decor ideas. However the material is east to crack, scorch and scratch.

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Tile is popular in contemporary homes for the beautiful and versatile kitchen workspace. Resistant to stain, heat, cut and easy to clean within budget, replacing tiles with new ones is easy.

Solid-Surfacing AKA Corian is an excellent material option for best kitchen countertops today. There are many colors and patterns with non-porosity and easy sanding.

Each of the materials has pros and cons. You will want inexpensive countertop options with many quality features to make your better kitchen work surface.

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