Cheap Kitchen Countertops The Best Alternatives To Granite

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Formica Laminate Countertops

Granite is luxurious, elegant and strong. For the budget-friendly countertop options, you should pick the best cheap kitchen countertops that offer all as work surface. Paint, wood, laminate, concrete paper, they are most popular to DIY in the installation to save more budget. Each has pros and cons of course that you need to consider the details for the most of becoming your surfaces for cutting vegetables and others for more than just becoming a part of decor in your kitchen.

For the best solution, you need to learn each of cheap kitchen countertops before determining one to pick. If you are in love with the beauty of granite stone that high-priced, then you can go picking mimicking laminate. Modern and cost around $30 per sheet, this alternative material can last more than 10 years with proper care. Other patterns are available such as marble, stone, tile and even wood. Refreshing your kitchen counters often will not break your bank account.

Wood overlay is a popular choice just like granite. Premade butcher block has been around as one of the most versatile materials to match almost any style of decor. It tends to scratches, if you are okay with that. Maintaining regularly is a must to keep away germ and bacteria. A sealant will keep the countertop anti-moisture to last longer and hygienic.

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Cheap kitchen countertops to do-it-yourself installation are a good way to makeover and refresh your cooking space on a budget. There are pictures on gallery to inspire you.

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