Why You Need Laminate Countertops

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Formica Laminate Kitchen Countertops

Low cost and easy to DIY, laminate countertops for kitchen and bathroom are being a popular choice. Durable and available in plenty of colors, you can mix and match with laminate material. Any need and style, you can find surprising ideas to do with your kitchen and bathroom countertops. In the old times, laminate was considered cheap and boring but not today. Laminate comes with a vast array of colors that replica granite, marble and more materials that popular. This is interesting because you can afford the luxury of natural stones just on a budget.

There are several good reasons that make laminate countertops an adorable choice. Let us get to the details.

Cost – It is low cost. Yes, each per square foot is only $40. This is significantly less expensive than other materials such as granite or quartz.

Durability – Although not as strong as compact stones and tiles, you will find laminate to last a long time with proper maintenance and care. Just use basic cleaner and damp cloth.

Aesthetic – Eye-catching laminate especially ones that similar to rich natural stones is incredible. Yes, this is about getting it with much lesser cost to spend.

Easy Updates – You can do as often as makeover for your countertops with laminate without much cost. Painting the surface is another simple and quick way for a fresh countertop makeover.

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Installation – It is simple and quick to install even as a DIY project.

It does not mean that laminate countertops suit any kitchen and bathroom. You have to learn the pros and cons depending on several factors like usages and more. Thus, you can decide whether best for your purposes or not.

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