Blue Living Room Decorating Styles

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Sky Blue Living Room

Blue living room is calm, classic and clean. Incorporating decor with blue color living room should base on relaxing and welcoming atmosphere. Light blue or darker accessories, traditional or contemporary stylish, blue is a trend for interiors. It spans across styles that come in all shapes and sizes. You will find the color is an easy shade to decorate with like neutrals. It lets you to decide whether soft or bold with ample inspiration to work with.

Orange is a unique shade to incorporate with blue. You can have a warm and cozy primary blue living room decor where orange takes place as accents. There are amazing ways to have this idea. Burnt orange sofa, bookcase, wall decal or area rug, each has effects that you want to enjoy in the space. Warm and welcoming tells the right proportion.

In transitional decor, dark blue and white are good colors to combine. Blue sofa set with white wainscoting makes airy feeling that light and spacious. This suits small spaces that you can boost with more of natural lights enter the living room.

Blue living room creates calming color. Bohemian style is awesome with combination of blue sky and blue sea. Without accent colors but massive windows, this tone-on-tone appearance looks impressive.

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You can play with other colors to match the shade in your living room that suits preferences. What does really important is about the proportional combinations that create beautiful shades.

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