New Corian Kitchen Countertops Ideas

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Corian Countertops Vs Granite Countertops

Luxury, beauty and functionality of corian kitchen countertops make a very good option for kitchen work surface. Among available materials on the market, cost has become one of major considerations. Granite is extraordinary due to many of its pros but the cost is pricey. People change their choice to laminate that mostly mimics granite look without its real quality especially in strength and durability. However, for a long lasting use of kitchen countertops, solid surface has always been the better option.

Corian is one good brand name for solid surfacing countertops for kitchen and bathroom. More durable than laminate, corian kitchen countertops offer the mimic of granite and marble. More benefits such as seamless surfaces, low maintenance, resistances, nonporous and hygienic are things everyone can count on. There are also color schemes to make your kitchen looks fantastic. You need to spend the budget around $60 to $110 per foot including installation.

For the new kitchens, corian goes well for its reasonable quality, cost and reparability. Thanks to high pressure compact, corian material is worth longevity of becoming one of best options for new-built kitchen.

Corian kitchen countertops can meet almost all styles and decor of home today. Just make sure to mix and match with furnishings to create attractive color schemes. Solid surface corian is a good investment!

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