Best Living Room Lighting Ideas For Function And Style

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Living Room Lighting Ideas Low Ceiling

Function and style are two factors for living room lighting ideas. Ambient, task and accent lighting ideas for living room are the basic requirements for best quality. By mixing different lighting types and placing them in different spots, you can create a proper lighting. Ceiling, table, floor, wall and any possible point that you can combine should give robust scheme. There should be no shadows in the room.

If accent lighting is what you aim for, using two different kinds is a good way. This is also important when it comes to larger room. An overhead ceiling light and pot lights will illuminate the room nicely. Adding unique details with architectural lighting in the ceiling gives elegance.

Other living room lighting ideas such as unique shaped sconces and arc floor lamp are for the statement of taste of style. Placing accent lights in shelving makes your living room walls to look beautiful and bright.

A table lamp can give balance visually as task lighting. Amount of lighting should equally be given that you can create by having each side with a proper light fixture. They do not have to match.

Functionality and style in the space with living room lighting ideas depend on how you want to make them work. Layout, furniture arrangement, height of ceiling and any other existing elements decide what best for your living room.

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