Why Choosing Granite Tile Countertop

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How To Install Granite Tile Countertops

Luxury is one of the benefits of granite stone for countertops. Granite tile countertop has become the best kind due to its quality of versatility and durability at high level. You will love granite stone for the resistance from stain, chip, scratch and spill. Kitchen and bathroom with granite countertops only need a proper sealant to cope with the porosity of the natural stone. It is as simple as that without spending a lot of cost.

A variety of colors comes to make awesome surface. You can go for large slabs but tile is more popular due to smaller, lighter and easier to install. Beautiful and elegant, your countertops are practical with the stone. It can mix and match with any type of sink and other decor ideas.

To make sure that you go for the perfect granite tile countertop, there are several factors as follow. These considerations are essential before making the purchase on granite stone tile.

Color – From light to darker tones such as river white, golden brown and pure black, you can go for a favorite. However, planning on what kind of decor in your space is also a very important thing. You need to make the decor complementary with your granite. The most basic idea is by “theme” as a rule of thumb.

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Finish – Tiles are less expensive, thinner and easier to install than slabs. Each of granite tile has different finish and it is recommended to pick one that smooth physically for easier maintenance. Honed-finish granite looks warmer but tends to get stained easily. If texture is what you seek, then flamed and burnished is the choice.

Sealing – Protection from stain and scratch that may ruin the elegant look is a must to apply. You can go for darker color that does not need sealing actually.

Granite tile countertop has pros and cons. But mostly, the natural stone offers more advantages than disadvantages. Size, color and style for countertop ideas with granite are flexible.

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